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Bonnie has changed my entire life. Nearly two years ago I was so out of shape I had a hard time staying awake each day. My daily meal plan consisted of drive through food, eating out for dinner, and multiple energy drinks. I knew I needed a change but as someone who has never lifted weights, never stuck to a meal plan, and as someone that was intimated by trainers and gyms – I didn’t know where to turn.

On reflection it was the greatest Valentine’s Day gift my wife has ever given me, on a referral from a family member she purchased me 6 sessions with Bonnie. After some reluctance I got started with her. It was tough, I was almost 270 pounds and didn’t know what I was doing. Through it all Bonnie helped me. She helped me with my meals, monitored my measurements and body fat loss, and regularly changed up my routine.

Today I’m 55 pounds lighter and I’ve added so much strength. People don’t recognize me, others are amazed at how I’ve changed. I approach my meals and my fitness so much differently. For the first time in my life I’m confident in my body and I feel so much more mentally focused.

Working with Bonnie has been incredible. She is a great instructor, an incredible motivator, and has amazing knowledge of fitness and meal plans. Through her guidance I’ve lifted weights, I’ve done boot camps, and I’ve done cardio workouts. Bonnie is the ideal trainer for total fitness. Beyond that, she has become a great friend. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help.

I started personal training with Bonnie about 6 months ago. I was very apprehensive about the entire aspect of personal training. Our first meeting was not the greatest! The idea of personal training for someone that has never done it is very intimidating, and lacking self-confidence doesn’t help. My thoughts were that only pretty fit people go and I would not fit in. I don’t have fancy workout clothes, I’m overweight… I figured I probably would not last a week. Six months, many inches and 50+ pounds later, I love it! I actually feel some muscles! Bonnie has done nothing but make me feel comfortable in everything that I have done. If there is something I am unable to do, she adjusts it to fit me yet still pushes me to exceed my expectations. Never has she made me feel inadequate or incapable. I still have a ways to go and I look forward to continuing this journey with Bonnie. There is no one I would rather do it with!
Bonnie has been a tremendous help in my weight loss journey. Not only has she shared her knowledge of nutrition and physical fitness, she has inspired and motivated me to continue my efforts. She believes in me even when I struggle. She keeps things new and exciting, and I look forward to every session!
When I first met Bonnie 3 years ago, I was unhappy with myself and unhealthy. I went from a 3-sport athlete in high school to not working out consistently for about 2 years, and it showed. Upon meeting Bonnie, she advised me to stop running, best news ever, and we set up a day to begin training. She not only focused on my strengths but also hounded me on my weaknesses, ultimately making me stronger both physically and mentally. She taught me an incredible amount ranging from different workouts to nutrition, all of which I still use today. I’m no longer a client of Bonnie’s, but I’m happy to say I consider her one of my best friends and we still meet up both inside and outside the gym. She is one of the most reliable, caring, driven, hard-working, committed, and tough people I’ve ever met and anyone that has a chance to be her client will not only gain a trainer but a friend as well.
I started training with Bonnie about 2 years ago. I instantly connected with her, she was caring and understanding of my goals and my anxiousness in regards to working out. She was extremely patient with my constant stream of questions, and was always there to remind me that this is a process and I should not give up. Bonnie has a incredible understanding of nutrition and workouts. No two workouts were ever the same and she always pushed me to be better than I was before. Her constant encouragement helped me to reach and surpass my goals, as well as gain a better understanding of me and my body. With her help I went from 189 pounds to 127 pounds, and I couldn’t be more appreciative of everything she did for me. She changed my life and helped me to better understand myself. Bonnie is an amazing trainer and person; there is no one better to help you reach your goals.
Bonnie was my personal trainer for a year and a half. During that time she was inspirational in keeping me on track with my workouts and my nutritional plans. She constructed workouts that were not only individualized but challenging. Through her I gained the confidence to walk into a gym, complete workouts, construct some of my own workouts and reach all my fitness goals. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer for excellent results!
I began my personal training journey with Bonnie in June of 2015. One day I just decided that I’d had enough of being uncomfortable in my own skin and took the plunge, giving Bonnie a call. It was the best decision I have ever made. Since then I’ve lost several inches and more pounds than I thought possible. She’s the most uplifting and inspiring trainer I could have ever hoped for. Not to mention, very knowledgeable. She customizes every workout to fit my needs and always makes sure that I feel safe and comfortable. I have more goals ahead of me, and I know that with Bonnie as my guide, I will be able to reach each and every one of them. I recommend her to everyone!
Three years ago I was asked if I would like to get together with a couple of folks and exercise with a trainer. At the beginning we met with Bonnie twice a week at a friend’s house. Bonnie ran us thru a variety of exercises, weight lifting and cool downs. Each time was different. We are still meeting and still being challenged each time. These sessions have become an integral part of my life. Bonnie is knowledgeable, professional, and creative as well as kind and thoughtful.
I met Bonnie this past summer at one of her boot camp sessions. I was really nervous at first but Bonnie made me feel so accepted. Bonnie is so encouraging and always pushing me to try harder. Ever since I have met Bonnie, fitness and health has been a bigger part of my lifestyle. I am so blessed to have her in my life!
Bonnie has been my trainer for just under a year, as I was preparing for my wedding. I had gotten a bit too “fat and happy” living with my now husband and my goal was to lose weight in a healthy way and to create a lifestyle change that was realistic and maintainable. Bonnie fits that bill–she’s the perfect combination of tough and warm and her enthusiastic commitment to her work and ultimately her clients provides the perfect scenario for success.

I sincerely wish I was one of those people who loves to work out, but its always been a struggle for me. I need someone to hold me accountable but still be my friend, even now, after the wedding. With Bonnie’s help, I lost 25lbs before the big day! What I find interesting is that while I have weighed less in my time, my clothes fit me so much better now. Bonnie helped me build muscles that were strong but still feminine, I actually like my arms for the first time in…forever! I recommend her without reservation!

My name is Christopher House, I’m 28 years old and I’m 6ft tall. In 2010, I was 318lbs. I used to wear 2XL shirts and size 44…-waist jeans. Shopping for clothes was hell. My joints hurt and simple tasks left me winded. Crappy food was a self-destructive “comfort”. I felt trapped in a depressing world, filled with my low self-esteem. Eventually I decided I’d rather die trying to change my life than wallow in my own “mess”. For the next two years I tried a series of diets that capitalized on the uneducated and tried to be more aware of what I ate. The effort was a step in the right direction, but it just wasn’t enough. In 2012 I got down to 269lbs, but I decided to take a more proactive, strategic, and educated approach. This all started when I sought out Bonnie Bell’s services at a local gym. Hearing about the similar struggle with excess weight Bonnie shared with me was instantly comforting. Now I wear size Large shirts and 34-waist jeans. She is the reason I know what I know today to help maintain my weight at a reasonable 180 – 190lbs range. Bonnie is an excellent trainer with knowledge in nutrition. She cares about what she does and takes your struggles personally. If you apply your drive, can let go and trust in Bonnie’s instruction; you’ll have no reason to reach and maintain your health goals. Bonnie Bell is a downright “real” person with the expertise to lead you to a happier, healthier you. I am not the same person I was when I started this journey. My personality is a positive, more bright me. I actually look forward to buying clothes, going on dates, and being social. Bonnie, you’ve forever impacted my life and make a difference to society. You’ve created a ripple effect. Now I encourage those who were in our position years ago. I can’t thank you enough!