cropped-logo_gray-S-drop.pngPersonal Training Packages

Personal training at The Sweat Shop provides clients a studio setting workout in order to maximize attention, provide privacy and ensure focus. Your fitness goals are important and your training program is individually created; be it to lose weight, increase muscle or improve overall physical health, we aim to bring you quality and expertise throughout the lifetime of your fitness journey.

# of Clients Base Fee Per Session 4 Sessions 8 Sessions 12 Sessions
1 per week 2 per week 3 per week
-5% -10%
Personal Training
1 $50 hr. $200 $380 $540
2 $30/person $120 $228 $324
 Small Group Training
 3  $25/person hr.  $100  $190  $270
 4  $20/person hr.  $80  $152  $216

Basic Training Session: 1 hour duration, includes warm-up, customized weight training & stretching

Packages/Multi-Session Commitment: Basic session +1 meeting for measurements, body fat calibration, goals & questionnaire

cropped-logo_gray-S-drop.pngMonthly Add-On’s

Success Bundle $125 – with purchase of 4 sessions $115 – with purchase of 8 sessions $105 – with purchase of 12 sessions
  • Monthly Nutrition
  • Macronutrients or Meal Specific
  • Cardiovascular Program
  • Conditioning or HIIT Program
  • Core program
  • Measurements and Calibrations
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Biweekly Progress Photos
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Social Media Group Connection
Nutrition $50
Programming $35 Per Day

*Requires 3 month commitment

cropped-logo_gray-S-drop.pngNew Client Services

 New Client Consultation Free
 Basic Meeting past Initial Consultation  $45
 Measurements & Calibrations  $25
Meeting & Measurements  $70

*New Client Consultation Includes: discuss sessions, program design, fitness options, short and long term goals

cropped-logo_gray-S-drop.pngOnline Personal Training

An online personal trainer can help you reach your health and fitness goals conveniently while training in your own home or fitness facility. Online Personal Training is a are designed to keep you engaged, motivated and progressing towards your fitness goals a month at a time. Trainer and client work together to achieve maximum results with consistent motivation, reevaluation and contact. Online personal training is purchased with a 3-month commitment as it takes time to develop new habits, see results and create lifestyle changes.

Online Personal Training Includes:

  • Monthly Nutrition (Macro or Meal Specific)
  • Goal Specific Training Program
  • Cardiovascular Program
  • Conditioning or HIIT Program
  • Core Program
  • Measurements and Calibrations (if in the greater Missoula area)
  • Weekly Check-ins
  • Biweekly Progress Photos
  • Email and Phone Support
  • Social Media Group Connection
2 – Day Split 3 – Day Split 4 – Day Split 5 – Day Split
$195 $230 $265 $300