logo_gray S drop Parking

Parking is available in the parking garage and the first hour is free. Please also feel free to park on the street, parking is free from 5pm to 9am as well as weekends.

logo_gray S drop Where To Find Us

We are located in the walking ally behind Wear Your Roots Board Shop.

From the Parking Garage: 

Exit parking garage and go down the ally that runs between the parking garage and the Badlander

Take first left down the ally behind Wear Your Roots, and Liquid Planet.

We will be the 2nd door with a sign that says The Sweat Shop

From Street Parking:

At the corner of Broadway and Higgins head west on Broadway.

There is an alley just before Office City and the mural on your left, take that alley.

We are the 2nd door on your left with The Sweat Shop on the door.